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Jan 4, 2018

Emily Lindemer completed her PhD in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology program, using MRI to study structural brain changes that occur in Alzheimer's disease. In addition, she is the co-founder of a behavioral modification application aimed at helping individuals in recovery for opioid addiction called Hey,Charlie. She was the executive co-chair of Graduate Women at MIT and a strong advocate for girls and women in STEM.


Why Healthcare? I started in neuroscience research. When I finish my undergrad, I worked at the Boston VA healthcare system. One thing I realized working directly with patients was I saw myself working in clinical research.


Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda:  Idea of translation


How have you created results by doing things differently? What we do in  Hey, Charlie is take a scientific approach to proving efficacy and outcomes through IOD back studies with actual patients.


Setbacks that you learned from: More of a challenge - there are huge social barriers to people in the country.


Proudest leadership moments: Every single time that I’m able to talk to patients, no matter how big or small in a way that I feel they’re open to talk about the problem and solution makes really most proud.


Exciting Project: 1) Studying - focus on user experience 2) Big data that will help us clinically integrate - platform for healthcare providers


Emily 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1.What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Talk to your end users as much as you possibly as you can

2. What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

Not willing to be flexible

3. How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

Talk to as many people as we can at all times

4. One area of focus that should drive everything else is:

The mission


Recommended Book/s:

Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

Closing Thought:

If you have an amazing idea, just do it. Don’t be afraid.


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