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Jul 6, 2017

Andrew Ray Director of revenue cycle for Stanford Children's Health physician services. This includes approximately 1,000 faculty physicians that are part of the Stanford School of Medicine as well as approximately 200 community-based physicians and 18 different practices throughout the Bay Area. Stanford Children's Health physicians practice in over 200 locations across eight states through satellite locations, health system joint ventures and other affiliations. Stanford Children's Health is the only network in the Bay Area, and one of the few nationally, dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care. 
Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda:  Access is not only a financial hurdle.  It is a financial, geographic and efficiency problem.  Access in Healthcare and engaging patients throughout the journey.  Think geographic expansion to increase access.  Also, think revenue model shifts like shifting hospital vs. clinic/physician driven revenue model.
Setbacks that you learned from:  Today, we are in process of making a large edition in San Francisco, it has brought about a tough year financially.  Must drive efficiency and revisit cost structures to ensure we fulfill the long term vision.  Staying focused on the vision and weather the storm and become a stronger health system.  
Proudest leadership moments:  During expansion to improve access, getting operations to work well to achieve economies of scale, efficiencies, and collaboration with people all while integrated 3 EHR systems.  We went from 160,000 to 550,000 ambulatory visits, an almost 400,000 increase that was improved by access.  What is your future state?  Be clear about that and how it ties the organization's mission.

Andrew's 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1.  What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Measure and reward sick care prevention through population health.

2.  What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

Avoid knee jerk reactions.  Maintain your focus in the long term vision.

3.  How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

Easier ways for patients to access and understand their healthcare experience and the hospital.  (Using tech helps)

4.  One area of focus that should drive everything else
Access is King.
Andrew’s Recommended Books
Turn the Ship Around - Captin David Marquet, Foreword by Stephen Covey 
Closing Thought:  Being able to reflect on what we're really doing at the end of the day is key to ensure we achieve the long-term mission.  Being able to reflect on stories and the WHY will ensure success.
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