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Jul 19, 2017

Dennis J. Patterson, D.Ed., is the founder and Chairman of Verras Healthcare International, LLC, an international healthcare informatics firm that creates high-performing hospitals, through physician driven best practice implementation. He has nearly four decades of executive hospital and turnaround management experience in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has been instrumental in devising and implementing programs that dramatically improved performance in some of the nation’s top hospitals and health systems. He also serves as a trusted advisor to senior executives, trustees, and government officials in hundreds of hospitals worldwide.

What is a hot topic that should be on every health care leader's agenda?

Value based healthcare.  Providers must be able to use data and technology like Verras Sherlock / Verras Watson Algorithm / Medical Value Index to improve outcomes.


Can you share a time when you had a setback and what you learned?  

Tried to help hospitals as a consultant and realized that it took away from the credibility of the physicians held accountable for results.  The take away:  Empower physicians to make decisions by giving them tools and smart data rather than be a consultant.

What is one of your proudest moments in health care leadership?

Being able to implement the solutions that Verras offers to help many hospitals experience successful value based healthcare and improve their bottom line.

What is an exciting focus you're working on?  

Continuing the work of helping hospitals increase their outcomes and financial value.

In order to make the long term decisions needed to improve healthcare, what should we do?

Go back to when you decided to get into this business and revive your WHY.   

Healthcare 101 Course of Dennis Patterson

1. What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Use objective data guided by staff 

2. What should be avoided in the process?

Don't believe your own press releases

3. How do you stay relevant despite constant change?

Look at other organizations inside and outside or healthcare to learn from their success.  Interview the fringe.

4. What should be the focus above all else in your hospital/organization?

Keep people out of the hospital.



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