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Aug 2, 2017

Amanda Goltz is the Vice President of Digital Innovation at BTG leveraging extensive experience across the healthcare system (payers, purchasers, and providers) to drive meaningful, effective, and measurable business transformation using digital health solutions. By solving specific business problems using digital health integrations, I build bridges between entrepreneurs’ emerging solutions and large institutions in the healthcare industry. Amanda advises several start-up companies as a mentor at Rock Health, a San Francisco-based health IT incubator, and StartXMed, health and life sciences incubator for Stanford University’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education.

Why healthcare? She wanted to become a doctor and cure AIDS. Unable to continue medicine, she then pursued Political Science focusing on healthcare.

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: The cost crisis in American healthcare.

How have you created results by doing things differently and questioning assumptions? Apply 3 principles: engagement, flexibility, and personalization in all we do. We’re able to avoid a lot of pitfalls that sometimes our colleagues do. We don’t build things assuming people work on. Second, we don’t do digital initiative unless it has value for the payer, provider and patient.

Setbacks that you learned from: It’s really hard to live and strategize and operationalize in the future world when you have to deploy in today’s. My noticeable failures are the ones where it’s really a great initiative for the organization in which I work but because it didn’t yield value back to the other shareholders not in the negative way did it hurt them, adoption was always going to be limited and resulting business transformation was always going to be limited.

Exciting Project: Excellent patient engagement and provider patient communication platform work

Amanda’s 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1.What kind of advice or tips would you give to the listeners for asking the right questions?

First, there are 3 components to any intervention: engagement, comprehensiveness and efficacy. Second, look for flexibility and personalization of the particular intervention. Third is measurement – what is it you’re looking for and can you actually gather that data.

2. What would you recommend to better understand the payer part?

First, lower the medical cost of somebody in a year in a way that can be demonstrated by claims. Second, any tool for health plans that would help them differentiate between treatment plan which is effective vs not the right fit for the individual. Third, the insurance company has a profound interest on their members.

Amanda’s Recommended Books:

America’s Bitter Pill – Steven Brill

And the Band Played On – Randy Shilts


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