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Dec 11, 2017

OR038 Restoring the American Dream with Dave Chase, Founder, Health Rosetta Institute

Dave Chase is a Health Rosetta co-founder focused on the problem that healthcare has become an extractive industry taking resources from what drives 80% of outcomes (education, economic opportunity, public health, healthy behaviors, public safety, clean air and clean water). Recognizing we didn't get better lighting in homes and cities by optimizing oil lamp technology, the Health Rosetta is an open source blueprint for the Regenerative Health Era.

Chase's TEDx talk "Healthcare Stole the American Dream - Here’s How We Take it Back" sums up healthcare's devastation of the middle class & redemption coming via a bottom-up movement. Chase reached 750,000 people through his writing & speaking in 2016.

Chase was the Co-founder of Avado, acquired by & integrated into WebMD/Medscape (the most widely used healthcare professional site). Earlier, Chase founded Microsoft's $2B, 28,000 partner healthcare ecosystem.

Chase is a father of two student athletes, husband & oxygen-fueled mountain athlete. Dave was a former PAC-12 800 Meter competitor.


Why healthcare? Initially, it was just being a young consultant and being put on a healthcare plan. It wasn’t a master plan but they like the feel and they like the people I was working with. Many years later, I’m still all in.


Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: Different levels of toxicity in healthcare.


Can you give an example of how you’re providing transparency through Health Rosetta? We came up with a framework we call health 3.0. We laid out the right way to organize healthcare. Health Rosetta is like a roadmap on the journey to the health 3.0 vision. Health Rosetta gets a simple thing on the transparency not only on the price but a transparent bundled price for the necessary procedure.

Closing Thought:

Healthcare isn’t going to get fixed from the top - down. All of us have a role to play.

The Best Way To Contact Dave:

Twitter - @chasedave

LinkedIn - Dave Chase


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